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Campus de Dauphine Executive Education et du Cordon Bleu ParisCampus de Dauphine Executive Education et du Cordon Bleu ParisCampus de Dauphine Executive Education et du Cordon Bleu Paris

Curriculum | MBA Hospitality & Culinary Management

Induction5 days

Discover hotel and restaurant experiences (on sites)

Designing a strategy10 days

  • Concepts and methods of strategic analysis for international companies
  • Innovative international strategies
  • Business simulation game
  • Strategies in the hotel and restaurant industry
  • Marketing for the sector
  • Digital Marketing, a development tool for the hospitality and culinary industries

Positioning and building a business14 days

  • Luxary/gastronomy - brand, concepts, designing and positioning services in the hotel and restaurant industry
  • Business development and economic models
  • Managing customer loyalty and relations in the sector
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to the hotel trade
  • Design thinking: building a restaurant concept in the Palace of Versailles

Managing and controling financial performance15 days

  • Accounting and financial indicators
  • Basis of the financial diagnosis and cash flow management
  • International taxation
  • Managing performance: cost analysis - budgets and indicators
  • Designing a business plan
  • Real estate investment / property management / decorating and highlighting spaces
  • Revenue management and yield management

Motivating teams and shaping one's leadership12 days

  • Managing human ressources and incentive
  • Sociology of the industry's organisations
  • Leadership and team building
  • Managing quality and processes in the sector
  • Negociation

Understanding the environment's complexity to develop a company10 days

  • Labor law and international legal environment of the sector
  • Corporate law and leader's international estate
  • Creating a business (project)
  • CSR: the company, a key stakeholder for a responsible and sustainable development
  • Managing crises and risks

Understanding international8 days

  • Study trip and tours of innovative concepts (for example in Dubaï and/or Mauritius)
  • Cross-cultural management and international cultural stakes


10 conferences with major players in the sector.

Study trip

The MBA Hospitality & Culinary Management includes a mandatory study trip during the first quarter of the training (for example in Dubaï and/or Mauritius).
Both these world renowned destinations with wide and unique hotel offers are famous for their prestigious luxury tourism.
Welcoming millions of tourists from all around the world every year, thse two countries are also popular destinations among foreign workers.

Goals of the study trip:

  • Uniting the students as a group
  • Discovering news restaurant and hotel concepts in situ
  • Meeting heads of companies and concept designers and sharing their experiences
  • Understanding the needs of an international business and tourist customer base
  • Understanding the challenges of cross-cultural management

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