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Dauphine Executive Education Alumni

Our Former Students: Who Are They?

79%are men

21%are women

55%of participants have over 10 years of work experience

35%of students are from outside France

Participants' Current Fields

3,3%in law and taxation

4,8%in management control/accounting

5,6%in research and development

5,8%in production

6,4%in communication and marketing

7,8%in organization and computer science

9,5%in sales

10,1%in purchasing/logistics/quality

11%in consulting and auditing

11,6%in finance

12,6%in HR and training

15%in other fields

23,7%in executive management

What did participants like?

87,6%course content

87,7%skilled instructors

82,3%schedule/pace of the program

86,4%relationships with instructors

80,6%teaching methods

77,4%physical environment

86,5%relationships with classmates

80,4%the workload

83,8%diversity of student backgrounds

79%recognition of degrees in the job market

83,5%recognition of Dauphine Executive Education in the job market

90%of graduates deem investment in the program as worthwhile to very worthwhile

96%of graduates recommend their program at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL

Graduates believe their training had a positive impact on…

89%their ability to solve complex problems

86%their aptitude for leadership

88%their self-confidence

Participants' professional status since completing their degree?

45,2%new position

36,3%higher annual salary

28,8%no improvement

24,7%new employer


7,3%special bonus

Dauphine Alumni: A Vital Network for Former Students